Urduhack is a NLP library for urdu language. It comes with a lot of battery included features to help you process Urdu data in the easiest way possible.

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Urduhack has different modules all of which serve a specific purpose. You can load any of them and check out their results by giving in your inputs. urduhack has got some magic functions that can make your life easier. You just need to access a particular module and get amazing results by giving in your data. Normalization, Tokenization and Preprocess are the main modules of Urduhack.

Our Goal

  • Academic users Easier experimentation to prove their hypothesis without coding from scratch.
  • NLP beginners Learn how to build an NLP project with production level code quality.
  • NLP developers Build a production level application within minutes.

Urduhack is maintained by Ikram Ali and Contributors.

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