Urduhack is supported on the following Python versions

Python 3.8 3.7 3.6 3.4 2.7
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Basic Installation


Urduhack developed using Tensorflow. Its need Tensorflow cpu for prediction and for development and training the models its uses Tensorflow-gpu. following instructions will install Tensorflow

The easiest way to install urduhack is by pip install.

Installing with Tensorflow cpu version.:

$ pip install Urduhack[tf]

Installing with Tensorflow gpu version.:

$ pip install Urduhack[tf-gpu]

Package Dependencies

Having so many functionality, urduhack depends on a number of other packages. Try to avoid any kind of conflict. It is preferred that you create a virtual environment and install urduhack in that environment.

  • Tensorflow > 2.0.0 Use for training, evaluating and testing deep neural network model.
  • transformers Use for bert implementation for training and evaluation.
  • tensorflow-datasets Use for download and prepare the dataset,read it into a model using the API.
  • Click With help of this library Urduhack commandline application developed.

Downloading Models

Pythonic Way

You can download model using Urduhack code.:

import urduhack

Command line

To download the models all you have to do is run this simple command in the command line.:

$ urduhack download

This command will download the models which will be used by urduhack.